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An original concept by Francesco Bertan, Khabal was founded in 2017 with the assistance of drummer András Pásztor. Derived from Clive Barker’s novella “Cabal” the band’s name and identity also gels closely with the term cabal’s defnition of intrigue, occult doctrine and the unknown.



Taking inspiration from true events of a mostly obscure nature, Khabal writes atmospheric, heavy songs with a dark ambience through the use of heavy monolithic rifs and crushing drums.

The Khabal lineup later expanded to include Chris Wilson (Introsub, Confusion) on bass, Wynter Prior (Voidweaver, End of Daze) on lead guitars and poet Emma Scott writing lyrics. Their debut album, The Divine Deception features session vocalist Jei Doublerice (Despite Exile, Every Hour Kills, Sensory Amusia) and whilst András had a short hiatus for personal commitments, session drummer Conny Petterson (Eternal Lies).

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